Thursday, September 1, 2011

Starting the day off with a nice dose of crazy.

I hate days where I go back to school after having a sub. You never know what kind of notes they'll leave you about how awful your kids were (and boy were mine RIDICULOUS). Before I even rubbed the sleep out of my eyes, though, I got on my email and saw this regarding a Gevalia coffeemaker I sold a couple weeks ago:

"There is a problem with your auction listing. You "forgot" to mention that the pot was defective.
The pot was listed as new and the claim was that it had never been used. I have very good close up vision, so I noticed right away that there was very light coffee staining in the cone (apparently used only a time or two, just enought times to realize that the pot was defective) but I really wasn't concerned about a few uses.
I wasn't concerned about the missing lid either as I had a lid from another pot that I could use. However, it does concern me that the reason the lid was missing is that the pot is defective--the drip spout is offset, thus water cannot drip into the cone through the lid properly.
I found this out this morning when I tried to use the pot and water was sizzling all over the heating plate. NOT WHAT I PAID FOR!
Being of a logical mind, I am left to conclude that the lid was "missing" in the hopes that the buyer would use the pot as sold, with the assumption that the buyer wouldn't have a lid to put on the pot.
This is totally unacceptable. I do expect a full refund including all shipping cost."

I had to read this a few times to understand what they were raving about, and although I'm still fuzzy on the details, I finally realized she seemed mildly unhappy with her purchase. I had gotten the coffeemaker from a coworker three years ago. She said she'd never used it, and I took her at her word and after it sat on my shelf for three years, I decided to list it. I listed it as new and didn't bother to check it's working order. I know nothing of Gevalia coffeemakers, but the first time I listed it, someone told me the cone lid was missing. So I ended the auction and re-listed stating the cone lid was missing. This person bought it and away it went. Hindsight is 20/20 and I realize I should have been more thorough in my investigation of this "never used" coffeemaker.

However. I was slightly flattered at all the malicious scheming the buyer had thought I put into this swindle. Look at me! I'm hoodwinking all the people out of their money with my clever no-cone-lid plan! I emailed her back and assured her this was not the case. I told her my story and immediately refunded her money. I also told her she could keep the thing or trash it, I don't care. She did apologize for immediately assuming the worst of me and I assume all is right in the world of cone lids and offset water dripper thingys.

Tonight's lesson: Check to see if your stuff works. No matter what.


  1. Oh, I woke up to an email like that this week as well. I sold an expensive belt. I got it used thinking it would be great for the hubs or resell if he didn't want it. He didn't so I sold it. You could tell it was used a few times, but it was barely worn. I listed it that way. The guy emailed me and said it looked worse then any old belt he ever had (along with a few other descriptions that were far from the truth). I told him to please return it if he wish, but it was not in the condition he stated. Later in the day, I get a email saying they decided to keep it and sorry for the confusion. Hubs says "I don't know how you deal with Ebay weirdos" Thankfully that rarely happens..but when it does..its irritating.

  2. What a nice way to wake up in the morning! ;) I'm just waiting to find myself in a situation like that. When you're selling things that once belonged to someone else, you're bound to overlook the little details once in a while. I think you handled the situation very well. Good job!

  3. Thanks, ladies. It's funny how teaching toughens one up. If I had gotten this before I had started teaching, I know I would have been in tears for the rest of the day. Now that I'm so used to criticism, it's just par for the course. Hopefully I don't get any more of these for a good long while!