Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Why didn't that sell??

Have you ever had an item where, when you picked it up, you thought "this is it! This is going to do so well!" And then it doesn't? And you have relist it umpteen times and even then you just want to put "PLEASE BUY THIS I WANT IT GONE" in the title?

Yeah, I have like five of those right now.

1) My collection of Clique books. I had a ton of views and a couple of watchers. I started the auction at $11.99 and then I actually lowered it to $9.99 and all my watchers left. What?

2) A great skating package I found at Goodwill. It's by Chicago, which is apparently a good brand. It's got some trainer inline skates and all the guards and helmet. I think my BIN price is reasonable at $22.99 so why doesn't anyone want it?

3) My boy's Remington hunting coat. It's in amazing shape, it's reversible and hunting season is upon us. I am really surprised at this one.
4) My NWT Gymboree Halloween costumes I discussed here. The Strawberry Fairy had 7 watchers when it ended, so I'm clueless. They were up for 30 days and I relisted them for another 30.

5) A few books that have sold well when I checked completeds, but for me, they're doing nada. My prices are right on with the completed listings, so I guess the buyers just don't like me.

What are some things you've got gathering dust that you thought would be flying right out of your house? Isn't it so frustrating?


  1. That is so funny! Of course we all have had items like that, the problem is we begin to take it personally! What is wrong with my crap?? Nobody else has a problem selling it at two or three times the price, etc, etc!

    I have been so tempted to put that title in my auctions many times and I have even been tempted to offer THEM money to take it so I am not reminded of my stupidity day after day!
    Ebay, it is such a mystery!!!

    Ebay is still slow for me, and I tend to get depressed and not list things when that happens, but we all know the more you list, the better chance you have o making a sale.

    Have a good day! Cindy

  2. I bought this Blue's Clues clock that is pretty rare. YSM has written about how hot Blue's toys are. Well not for me. It's on its second relist.

  3. I've been at the EBay game a while now and while there are some things that I will never figure out I think I might be able to give you two useful.

    While I personally don't care if a photo is taken on the floor there are a lot of buyers who do. Grab a non wrinkled neutral plain sheet and use that as a backdrop or a big sheet of poster board. I use large pieces of fleece. I have black and white and sometimes use tan.

    Keep onibd that I'm not able to see your listings. I would also suggest you take lots of photos. Take photos like there is no description and write a description like there is no photos. I good photo makes a HUGE difference.

    Ship internationally. Almost 50% of my items go international and even more than that ate bid on by foreign buyers. You can ship internationally right from home. If there are countries you are worried about you can exclude them. I swear by international shipping.

    My last tip may sound weird but you should price your items higher sometimes. If an item just sits there in a regular store they put it on sale right? You need to do the same thing. Mark it up and add best offer. The buyer will feel like they ate getting a deal and you might be surprised at how many buyers will still just pay full price.

    Sorry for writing a book. I hope some of my tips help you out.

  4. Sorry for all the typos above. I'm on my iPhone and sometimes the auto correct is crazy!

  5. Momma, I've never thought of the floor thing. I'll keep that in mind next time I photograph clothes. My dining room table is usually too filled with stuff or I'd take them on that. I've got a lot of my stuff as BIN OBO, including the coat, so we'll see how that does this week. I do international shipping, too. Even though it's a royal pain! Thank you for the tips! Amanda, I think Blue stuff is supposed to do better in a lot, but I haven't tried it yet!