Thursday, September 29, 2011


So this whole leaky pipe thing is starting to kill me. Our persnickety landlord was here all day with two plumbers who were apparently trying to swindle him by wanting to do the job properly. After they left, we were dealing with a puking baby and went to clean her off and, lo! No water. They forgot to turn it back on. Tyler called the plumber over an hour ago and they're apparently sending someone out, but they haven't shown yet. We tried to turn it back on ourselves, but the sinks still won't run.

Addy has thrown up twice tonight. Not just spit-up, but full on puke. I had a minor breakdown, but the doctor finally called us back and said to keep an eye on her and give her Pedialyte for the next 12 hours. She's not mad about it, and she's not running a fever, but it's pretty disconcerting. She's asleep right now, thank goodness.

And not that I've really had time to mess with eBay, but I know nothing has sold today. These have been the worst two weeks ever resale-wise for me, so I'm pretty discouraged. Also all this stuff makes me feel a little crazy inside.

Good times.


  1. Sounds likea crappy day for you. Keep your head up, things can only go up right?? This has been one of my best weeks, so hopefully things will start picking up for you.

  2. Uggg! Sounds like a really crappy couple of weeks! I appreciate your blog and know that things can be seemingly dismal ebay-wise one day and then *poof* several things sell our of the blue. So hang in there! It WILL sell. I'm still getting the hang of this. Been selling since the beginning of August and had some good streaks, but now realizing some lows. Wish we lived in the same area. Sounds like we could have a lot to talk about over a cup of tea. One question for you...when do you find time to list as much stuff as you do? Are you using Auctiva? I have two kids and a 30 hr per week job and use Auctiva but it still seems like the listing part takes forever!
    I hope the baby is feeling better!!

  3. Laura, I wish we did, too! I can't find anyone around here who shares my um...hobby, I guess you could call it? I teach, so that's 40 hours a week and of course you know that we've got to wear the Mom hat all the time. I usually take pics during naps (if you look at my pictures it's pretty obvious I'm in a hurry) and baby has a pretty routine bedtime of 7, so I list then.

    Tyler helps a lot, and if he knows I have a pile of stuff I need to get on there, he's happy to single parent it for a while. I do the same for him when he disc golfs, so it's fair. Books are easy, though, because unless one I'm selling is collectible or has a major flaw, I just use the stock photo eBay provides and try to explain the condition of the book in the description.

    I tried the 30 day free trial of Auctiva and wasn't that impressed. I also realized I'd spend 30 minutes trying to find a pretty background for something it should have taken me 3 minutes to list. Thanks for reading!