Sunday, September 18, 2011

Yard Sale Tales: 9/17/2011 edition.

So I went it alone yesterday. We have a festival here called Rhythm and Roots and Tyler always volunteers for a few hours and his shift was 8-1 yesterday. I dropped the baby off at my parent's and headed out with the route he had planned for me.

I am really bad with directions. I went to the ones I felt like trying to find, which was three and while I thought I had found some great stuff, once I checked the completeds, most of it turned out to be a bust. They were pretty much all run by the elderly. The first one was two 80 year old ladies under a tarp (it was raining), where I got a Cabbage Patch doll and a charging station by Stafford, a brand that makes gift items sold by Belk. I thought "oh, a Cabbage Patch doll! An original one! What a find!" Until I got home and realized that if they do sell, it's for about $5.00. Boo. I haven't even lugged the charging station out of the car. It's a dark wood color with lots of little compartments, so we might hang on to it. Spent $5.00

The next one was a very busy estate sale. Normally, I assume that when kids are having an estate sale, their parents are dead. Not so here. They were talking about how she's in an assisted living home and "won't be coming back". Later, I told Adelaide that if she did that to me, I'd haunt her. Selling all her stuff while she's still kicking? As Stephanie Tanner would say, how rude!

I still bought stuff there, though.

The lady was a quilter and had TONS of fabric. It would have taken all day just to go through it and this big, sweaty guy who I assumed was her son decided to stand over me the whole time I was there. I loved this penguin fabric, though and there's over 3 yards worth of it. If I were crafty, I'd keep it.

There was 2 yards worth of this teddy bear fabric. I figure it'd be cute for a baby blanket or know, for someone who does that sort of thing.

There were a ton of mugs. No cool ones, except for some from Walt Disney World. I grabbed this one and some footed milk glass mugs that said "Mom" and "Dad" and had the Cinderella castle on them. For some reason I haven't uploaded pics of those yet.

I can't tell you how much stuff was in this house. A lot. I also got a Pyrex baking dish, some old cookie cutters (come to think of it, I haven't looked those up yet) and about 5 books, some of them large print. I hope her kids use the money they made to do something nice for their mother. They won't, though. I spent $17.00 total

Feeling slightly dirty and sad, I left the estate sale and went to one out in the county. It was on a street with no street sign in a cinder block shed and it was run by an old woman and her Papillion dog. She must have had a flea market stall at one time because there was A TON of stuff, all covered in cobwebs. Again, it would take days to properly assess all of her things, and there were lots of Barbies still in their boxes, but she wouldn't take less than $20 for any of the good ones.

Something about me must have screamed "I'm going to buy your things and sell them on eBay", because she was quick to point me towards these beauties, sitting on a shelf in a corner, saying "those sell for a lot. I've looked them up.":
They're the 12 days of Christmas, made by the Indiana Glass Company in the 1980's. They're all here and they're all in wonderful shape. These are very cool items and although the completeds aren't too promising, the one that sold for $49.99 is giving me hope. They were only $7.00, so it's not like I'm in too deep with them. I also found a Pyrex butter dish that was the same pattern as the dish I bought at the estate sale!

As I was leaving, I spotted a Barbie box sticking out of a cardboard box that said "The Carol Burnett Show Went With The Wind". I rushed over to it and saw this:
It's from the episode where they make fun of Gone With The Wind and she wears the curtain dress. I was a TV Land addict when I was little and I remember watching this and laughing hysterically at it with my mother. I guess I was still feeling bad for mothers everywhere from that estate sale, so I got it for my mom for $10.00 she was thrilled.

Total spent for the day: $40.00. That's actually the smallest amount I've spent at yard sales in a while!

Today I went to Goodwill and got a few things, but I'll post about those later! Linking up with Amy at Coupon Tipster. Have a good week, ya'll.


  1. Definitely look up the cookie cutters. I can't remember where I read it, but old Martha Stewart ones are great sellers - you never know! Also, I love the Carol Burnett Barbie - so fun!! And I hate when people hover while I shop - please let me look through your junk in peace :).

  2. Good finds. Cabbage Patch dolls clothes sell better then the dolls themselves it seems. Sounds weird but I have sold several outfits without the doll.