Friday, August 5, 2011

Yard sale tales

So I decided to yard sale with baby this morning. We went across town to the first one and I found some solid stuff: a lot of Littlest Pet Shop pets ($2.00), Wiggles guitar ($1.00), Pokemon stuff (I really have no clue on those, $1.00) and some Babysitter's Club books ($1.25 worth).

Then we headed to our second one (baby's getting a little iffy) and I picked up a VTech laptop ($.25). The lady there tried pretty hard to sell me a grody unicorn costume. How do you gracefully bow out of those situations? I said "I think my baby's pooped" and ran to the car.

Baby hadn't pooped, but she was mad, so I pleaded my case to my mom and she was happy to watch her. I headed to one just across the street from my parent's house, nothing. Went to another one, nothing. Went to ANOTHER one, nothing. THEN...

I had passed a sign for a rummage sale at a small church on my way to the third nothing yard sale and decided I would go to it on the way back. Was I glad I did! For I found a Babblin Boo! Thanks to Yard Sale Mommy, I knew I had to snatch her up! But wait, where's her doll?

"Where's her doll?" I asked a man who looked suspiciously like Tommy Chong.

"I dunno, a rich family donated her and other stuff to us. It could be anywhere." said Tommy Chong.

There were a ton of boxes and tables and junk and I dug through it for about 30 minutes and happened to find a very broke Little People Noah's Ark. The Ark was broken, but there was lots of stuff inside, so I got it ($2.00). I cannot find the Mikey doll that goes with Boo so I go to pay for my stuff and they tell me Boo is $.50. Hurray!

Then I went back to the consignment sale and bought two more red cowgirl Gymboree costumes ($9.00)

So today's damage was $17.00. Not too shabby!

The fairy costume and the pink cowgirl costume were from the consignment sale yesterday. The pink one has already sold for $24.99 + $6.00 shipping! Huzzah!

Obviously I didn't find that iPad in the corner at a yard sale, but wouldn't that be sweet??

COSTUME TIP: I had a stroke of genius and decided to list the cowgirl costumes as OOC, which is Outfit Of Choice. If you are an avid watcher of Toddlers and Tiaras, you know that girls can wear anything they want in Outfit of choice. You also know pageant moms will pay a lot for stuff. I thought this would cater to them. SO, if you have a flashy, flouncy costume, tack that extra OOC on the end and see if you get any more takers.

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  1. Hi
    Love your blog and love finding new friends who have a passion for reselling and gathering inventory for online sale by shopping at yard sales and thrift stores.
    I wish the greatest success with your adventures of selling on Ebay.

  2. Nice job on finding Boo! Can't wait to hear how she sells! Very smart idea on the way you posted that costume too. Thanks for sharing the tip. I learn something new every day! :)

  3. Great finds! I have yet to find a rummage sale in my area. I'd love to dig around at one.


  4. Awesome tip and great finds!


  5. Great finds. Thanks for the tip on the costume.