Monday, August 1, 2011


One of Yard Sale Mommy's insider secrets posts today was about books. How timely! My lots of Magic Tree House and Junie B. Jones books aren't doing stellar. I'm bummed that I don't really have a "complete set" of anything...or do I??

Today I went to the Salvation Army for "fun". My salvation army is not actually fun. It's sad and there was a guy in there cursing up a storm because they were asking too much for a TV. I had Adelaide in her new stroller and she was mad about it (it's a sweet stroller, though). I searched around and found a couple of things. I get up to the cash register and remember they don't take debit cards. They do take personal checks, so I got mine out. The cashier then tells me that they don't take any checks with numbers under 1,000. Mine was 384. Really? So she puts my stuff aside for me and Adelaide's totally fed up and everyone's giving me dirty looks. I felt like a moron leaving the Salvation Army with a fancy new stroller but not being able to pay for $5.00 worth of merchandise.

By this time, Addy's past due for a nap, so I called mom and asked if she'd watch her while I went to the ATM and back to the store. While at my parent's house, I looked up the two things I was going to buy. An "ask me more Eeyore" and an old Barbie vanity playset/carrying case. Eeyore was a no-go (last sold for .99) and I couldn't find the carrying case. I probably would have gone back to get it, but the door on it was broken, so I just forgot about that stuff.

SO, I go to the Goodwill, where I find these beauties:

They are so super ridiculously cute! If Adelaide could read or would be reading in the very near future, you would have to pry these out of my cold, dead hands. However, since Tyler cleaned out his parent's garage, her bookshelves are currently packed with Wonderful World of Disney books. I can't wait to put these up! One set sold for $19.99 recently, but I think mine are in much better condition. These are 30 years old and they look great!

I am kind of torn on them though. They're so cute!

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