Friday, August 5, 2011


Well, I was super pumped to go to the consignment sale yesterday and was extra pumped when I saw whole boxes of Lifepac homeschool books. I was so excited, in fact, that I never bothered to open the boxes and look at the conditions of the books. Two kits (4th grade math and science) and $20.00 later, I pull them out at home and am completely heartbroken. Almost all of the workbooks have been written in. My reaction was pretty dramatic.


They were complete, and the teacher's books were in good shape, so I just put each one up separate for BIN $14.95. Maybe I'll at least make my money back and a little extra. On top of that, my auctions are doing less than stellar, so I'm pretty bummed.

The sale was pretty much a bust all around. No toys to speak of, and the clothes were priced pretty high. We got Addy some cute Gymboree and Ralph Lauren stuff (most of it still had tags), a Carter's outfit and the cutest Old Navy sweater that Tyler said looked like an "old lady" sweater, but I loved it.

There were, however, costumes. I'll post pics later, but there were lots of Gymboree costumes with tags still on. We got Addy a Strawberry Fairy costume and bought a larger one to sell, and got a cute pink cowgirl costume by Gymboree to sell. I dunno when to sell them, though, but we only paid $6.00 each, and right now they seem to be going for around $19.99 and I would be happy with that.

I'm going to yard sales this morning (I'm obviously not in a rush) and if those turn out to be fruitless, then I'll probably go back for more costumes.


  1. Were the workbooks written in in pencil? Maybe erasing them would work?

    I have to thank you so much for posting about the Sesame Street dictionaries the other day. I found a complete set at a garage sale and scooped them up ($4 for all). I would have normally walked right past them, because in my experience older books don't sell, but thanks to you I knew better!

  2. You're welcome! Aren't they adorable? I've had some lookers on mine, so hopefully they go for my Buy It Now price. I'm asking $28.99, but I would be happy to get around $20

  3. I sell any homeschooling books I can get my hands on. I've noticed lately they just aren't selling that well..not sure why. I've listed some books with writing in them, pages missing and they still have sold. Not sure how well it would go for..but might be worth listing for a low price to just try help recoop some of your loss.