Saturday, August 6, 2011

Yard sale tales: 8/6/11 edition

Today was an excellent day for yard sales in my neck of the woods! The first one we went to was out in the county and it was super! The prices were good and the merchandise was top notch! Not a lot of clothes, but I think we did pretty well.
Oh, is that an authentic Coach bag in the upper right? Yes, yes it is. No it is not. I am dumb and realized this while trying to find the style online. At least it only set me back $.50. I'll pay that to learn something! Also got Bob the Builder talking doll, some Bob videos, Thomas DVD, Dora videos, some Dora stuff still in packaging, Backpack with stuff inside (he supposedly talks but the batteries are dead and they're watch batteries, so I guess I'll have to get some) and a Classic Pooh mobile that plays music. I also found some red Birks in my size for $.50. I was pumped. The books are Addy's. There are some Golden Books and some Richard Scarry books. I love his stuff.
Total damage: $10.50

Here's an adorable Adelaide laughing at mommy standing on a chair to take the pic.

Yard sale #2 was in an upscale neighborhood and they didn't have much, but here's what I got:
The Bumbo seat is for Tyler's parents to use when Addy's visiting, the Care Bear costume is in gorgeous shape and oh, my! Another Coach purse? Yes! (This one's real) I tried to haggle with this woman, but she wasn't having it, so I paid the $10.00 she was asking. It looks like she never even used it. Total damage: $20.00. The baby was asleep when we got there, so Tyler stayed in the car while I shopped, then we switched places. He didn't find anything interesting.

Yard sale #3:
Did you ever go to a yard sale and buy stuff and then have no clue why you bought it? I guess I was still hurting from those consignment homeschool books because I bought these workbooks for $.50 a piece. When we got back in the car, I was like...what was I thinking? They are unused, though. I made sure of that.
Total damage: $2.50

I can't wait to list some of this stuff! Hope you had a great yard sale day, too!

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  1. Great finds - I do buy silly things from time to time - I get caught up in thinking about my future kids, haha!