Thursday, August 4, 2011

Consignment sale!

So I'm going to a consignment sale tonight to shop as a new mom. Tyler's coming too...he's a new parent, after all! My parents are going to come watch the baby sleep (the new mom shopping's at 7). It's called Tummy to Teen and it seems pretty promising! I have short list of things I want to get Addy for fall/winter: long sleeved onesies, pants, socks, some sleep 'n plays, but I'm also hoping to score some other stuff. Here's my wish-list:
1) Name brand teen clothing.
2) Toys, toys, toys
3) Costumes (maybe one for Addy)
4) Maternity clothes. I've put mine up recently and they've been selling very well, even the lesser brands (like Two Hearts Maternity from Sears).
5) Baby accessories; Bumbo seats, etc.
6) I've been to consignment sales where there are purses, etc. I'm obviously going to keep an eye for anything Vera, she's pretty big here in Bristol.

I'll post pics tonight! Whee!

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