Monday, August 15, 2011

Goodwill Hunting.

Do you get it? Aren't I terribly clever? Anyway.

I'm a little overwhelmed as of right now. Baby's been sickly this weekend (thanks daycare) and I have 5 things to ship. I'm realizing that once school starts in earnest this Wednesday, there's going to have to be a lot of time management going on where listing and shipping is concerned. I guess I'll have to figure it out as I go.

Anyway, my parents watched the baby while Tyler and I GW'ed it up yesterday and Tyler found some Fire King ramekins and I found some super stuff:
We have two Goodwills in our town and they're as different as night and day. One has a great selection of books and no toys (unless you want to dig through a big canvas bin) and one has great toys, but their kids books are pushed way back on a shelf, making it hard to look through them. I found books 2-13 of the Left Behind Kids series at the first one. I was so mad they didn't have #1 I thought I was going to kick someone. Then, we went to the second one and as we were driving, I was like "haha wouldn't it be cool if they had book #1?" AND THEY DID. I was so excited! These are all in really great shape. I don't think 2-13 had ever even been opened.

I already had the Wiggles guitar and the video. I was waiting to get a lot of stuff because the guitars don't really go for much on their own. I found the rodeo dance mat wadded up in a corner at the second GW and it works great (it. is. so. annoying.) I've only found one on eBay and they're asking $40.00 for just the mat! I started all of this as BIN OBO for $35.97.

These, however are possibly the coolest things I have ever found since we've been doing this:

They are huge lined Monopoly drapes. They've never been opened and they're awesome. The copyright on the curtains say 1986, so I assume that's when they were made. I showed them to Tyler and said I wasn't sure, but he told me we'd only be in it $6.00 (they were $2.97 a piece), so I should get them. Well, I put them in the cart, and we had our backs turned looking at other stuff and Tyler turned around to see a lady getting them out of our cart! I don't think she knew the cart belonged to someone, but it actually made me feel good to know someone else wanted them. If she wants them, maybe a buyer on eBay will, too! Since there are no previous listings for them, I listed them BIN OBO for $71.00. Hey, why not, right? Yard sale mommy recently did a post on "interesting" buys and I think this is definitely one!

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  1. I think those curtains are awesome. I am sure someone will buy them, and if not at that price, you can still keep going down and make a great profit. I haven't read any of the Left Behind books, but I have always wanted to. :) Great finds!


  2. Those curtains are awesome. They would look great in a game room or basement.

    That Wiggles guitar is so annoying; my nephew used to have one. AHHH!!

  3. Those curtains are great. I would have snagged them up. Even if I only got my money back out of them..that is a fun unique item.