Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The eBay doldrums and a business idea!

School is really taking it's toll on me energy-wise. I am, however, trying to list two new things every night. Tonight I listed a set of three Baby Gap boy's pieces. They're very cute and don't look like they've really ever been worn. I also listed a few Amelia Bedelia early reader books that look new, as well.

My LPS carrier sold the night after I listed it, so that's something. It went for my BIN price of $21.99 so I made my money back on the whole LPS lot I bought and then some, which is good. I have a ton of watchers, but currently no bids and no offers on anything. My Left Behind set I got at GW last week went for $12 something. But that's been it for sales this week. I'm basically in the hole right now, which sucks.

I can't figure out why the past couple of weeks have been so slow. Has anyone else experienced this? I wonder if it's because a lot of schools are starting back and it's kind of crazy?

Tyler and I have been playing with the idea of a consignment bookstore. The closest one to our town is 30 minutes away and people make the drive to it, so we're thinking if there was one actually in town, it could do well. There are a lot of empty stores in our downtown and they're working on resurrecting the downtown, so there are incentives to get new businesses in. There's also several festivals that go on throughout the year, so there would be opportunity to get out of town business, too. I would love to do it and I have some fellow teachers who think it's a great idea and one English teacher who's really interested in the idea. Tyler and I are going to start looking at selling on Amazon to see if that could be sufficient supplemental income for the bookstore. I'll update on this as things develop!


  1. Sales have been really slow on ebay!! I am having the same luck!

  2. Good to know it's not just me!