Friday, August 12, 2011

Yard sale tales & what I sold

So today was a work day, but I did get out early and go to one yard sale that was close to the high school, where we had to meet. Not much...well, they did have a ton of indian dolls. If I knew anything about indian dolls, I probably would have been in heaven, but I don't. I had $20 in my pocket, though and was looking for a yard sale fix, so I kept digging around.
I have no clue why, but I kept being drawn those these babies:
I'm no baker, but these things have lots of cool designs and I'm pretty sure I could list them as "vintage bundt pans" with a clear conscience. Depending on what you have, they do pretty well.
Then, hidden under a collection of Dolly Parton cassettes was this:
So of course, I'm thinking, people love Elvis! Whoo!

I get home and find that this box set with stamps is not in high demand. I also discovered, to my great annoyance that I always type "stampes". I don't know why. I spent $20.00 for everything.

Anywho, I had a few things close yesterday and today, so here's how it went:

  • Babblin Boo - paid: $.50 sold for $19.99 to someone in Brazil
  • Littlest pet shop lot/Noah's Ark LP - paid: $4.00 total sold for $20.00 to someone in Argentina (Do you see a trend? Ship international!)
  • Felting wool - paid: ? sold for $11.99
  • Felting starter kit - paid: ? sold for $7.99
  • Felting book - paid: ? sold for $5.99
  • (I put question marks because Tyler bought it all a year ago and we don't know how much it cost)
No disappointments, per se, but I did have several relists:
  • Thomas the Train Tracks and Trestles game - It's only missing a base for one of the game pieces! C'mon people! Paid: $1.97
  • Vtech Tote & Go laptop - It was a $.25 purchase, but it takes up a fair amount of storage space.
  • My terrible used home school stuff from last week's consignment sale - RAWR. They both actually had a lot of watchers. That's $20.00 I have tied up in those dumb things.
  • Some Barney videos I bought three weeks ago at a thrift shop - I have toyed around with every pricing and shipping strategy I can think of. I paid $3.68 for six videos and they all work great...I just don't know how to sell them!

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