Saturday, August 13, 2011

Yard sale tales: 8/13/11 edition

Three days into daycare and baby is sick. She's better this evening, but last night and this morning she was very snotty. Neither set of grandparents could take her, so we thought we'd go to a yard sale close by and see how she did. She loves to look around and see different people and things, so she did awesome. We decided to press our luck and went to a few more. She did super, but was pretty worn out by the end of it.

Our first stop was in a subdivision with lots of older homes and families. The ad in the newspaper hyped it up to be considerably more than what it actually was, but we found some good stuff:
I bought this Hooked on Phonics game after I saw that it had never been used. All the game cards are still in the wrapping, and if you take out this top part, there's videos underneath with game instructions. The selling price for these vary. I did spend $20.00 on it, though.

I really liked this Tommy Jeans puffer vest. It's in great condition and only set me back $3.00. It's also my size, so if it doesn't sell, I have a cool vest.

I also bought a few big and tall men's Polo pony shirts. One's been washed quite a bit, but we'll see.

The next one we stopped at on just driving by. Tyler bought some vintage little people and I found this Gevalia coffeemaker.

Gevalia coffeemakers sell great! I have one smaller one up right now that's missing the cone lid and it's probably got more watchers than any other item I've listed this summer!

Then we went to an estate sale. We'd never been to one before, and going through what I assume to be dead people's stuff kind of skeezes me out. But I did find some Revere Ware and some vintage Pyrex dishes.I bought three Revere Ware things, this larger saucepan, a smaller one and a big 8 quart stew pot. Thanks to eBay Underground, I know they seem to do well, depending on what you've got. This one pictured is in fantastic condition and the smaller one is not so great. I was thinking of listing them as a lot, but I think I can do better if I list this one separate since it's in such nice condition.

We spent about $63.00 this morning, but I think we found some great stuff! Hope you had a good yard sale morning, too!

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