Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Touche, eBay. Plus crafts!

So yesterday I was whining about how slow it was on eBay. I wake up this morning to find that someone had offered me $20.00 on one of my mom's Susan Bristol sweaters and someone had bought the Naturalizer shoes that, until then, had not even ONE person look at them! They sold for $34.99 and I'm trilled. My mom had them for a long time and they were size 9.5 so neither of us could wear them (we're a size 10...I know...freaks). So I was terribly excited. My Playmobil Dragon Rock set also sold to a lady in Germany for $15.99. I paid $5.00 for it, and really I should have just held on to it until closer to Christmas, but you know...I'm still learning.

I had also been waiting on people to pay for 8 things, and they all decided to pay today! I had a meeting at school, so I couldn't pack stuff up until this afternoon, but then the mailman came early (he's usually not here till around 5) so I could only give him two things. Oh, well.

I was looking around the office yesterday for some stuff to sell to give Auctiva a try and came across some felting material Tyler bought last year when he was feeling particularly crafty. We had two bags of wool, a felting kit and a cute book of patterns. I split them up and posted them and I've got a few watchers on each thing. If you've got any felting material lying around (who doesn't, amiright?), put it up there and see what happens! This weekend, I'm going to tackle my mom's tubs of cross stitch stuff and see if there are any unopened ones in there. They sell pretty well! Obviously don't expect to get rich off of them, but you's money.

Here's my felting stuff:

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