Sunday, August 14, 2011

Weekend sales: 8/14/11 edition

Last night was pretty good. My Coach purse didn't sell! I had offers on it, but I had the thing set to automatically decline anything under $80.00 and they were all in the $70's. I've got it BIN for $78.00 now.

Classic Winnie the Pooh mobile: paid $3.00, sold for $31.00 (totally awesome)
Magic Tree House books and research guides: paid $2.00, sold for $7.49
My treasured Sesame Street Dictionaries: paid $5.00, sold for $22.99
My much bemoaned used home school kits: paid $10.00/each, sold for $15.99 each.

I have four things ending tonight so I'll update when they sell! The baby's feeling better today (she's napping it out), so mom's going to watch her while we grocery/Goodwill shop.

Bumbo seat: paid $5.00, sold for $20.50 to someone in New Zealand!? They paid almost $40.00 for shipping.
A pair of Addy's LL Bean PJ's that she's never worn and is too big for: sold for $6.99
A & F jeans: paid $3.00, sold for $15.50

That's it for now. I was a dummy and started a lot of a couple golf shirts in the middle of the afternoon last week, so it ends today at like, 4:00. Which is terrible. But I paid $9.00 for both of the at the GW and they're already at $15.50, so at least I'll make a profit.


  1. So happy to see that the homeschool materials sold for you!

  2. Ugh. You have no idea how happy I was to send those out the door!