Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sell this right 'chere.

I was "picking" at my parent's house last week and found this phone I had in my room when I lived there:
It's a phone made to look like an old rotary phone. Of course, I put it on eBay immediately and it just sold today for BIN $22.99. I actually probably could've squeezed a few more dollars out of it, but I'm very happy with the sale.

My felting stuff is doing well (even though no one's bid on the actual wool, lots of people are watching it) and the little Pooh mobile I found at the yard sale this past weekend is doing really well.

The surprising thing is, while there are watchers on Babblin' Boo, no one's bid yet (I started her at $19.99) and no one's made me an offer on the real Coach purse I found. I did BIN for $100 with an OBO. There's several watchers...we'll see if they try to haggle or not.

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