Saturday, August 20, 2011

Yard sale tales: 8/20/2011 edition.

There were lots of yard sales around my neck of the woods today. I should say lots of clothes sales. Not many toys to be had, although I did manage to get my hands on about 40 LPS pets and a carrier.

I notice that some people are wary of selling clothes. This is strange to me because clothes are so easy! They're fairly easy to sell and so easy to store. Our office is overrun with toys and books, but all you have to do with clothes is hang them up and close the closet door!

Here are some guidelines:
1. If it has a Polo pony on it and is in any kind of presentable condition: buy it.
2. If it's Abercrombie and Fitch: buy it.
3. If it's North Face: buy it.
4. If it's a big name brand in a plus or ludicrously small size: buy it.
5. If it's a sporty material (polyester golf shirts, running clothes((nike, underarmor)), etc): buy

Easy, right?

Here's some of the stuff I got today:

The boy's stuff is size 8-10 S and the girl's dress is a 5T (sorry I was too lazy to rotate the pic).

I also got some other boy's Polos (faded, but in otherwise good shape), some button-up polos and some boy's Gap sweaters. I also bought a Lacoste polo, but I later noticed a stain near the collar and a small hole in the sleeve, so I don't really know what to do about it. Tyler will probably inherit it.

I'm also going to try to split up Littlest Pet Shop stuff for the first time. I've got a few "rare" items that came in a carrying case I bought today, so we'll see what happens with these:
Some of these cases sell for A LOT. This one is in like new condition, so I posted it by itself.
For a minute I got really excited and thought this little guy was a dachshund, but he's just a beagle. Oh well.
Not many of these guys to be found on eBay. I put it as BIN for $14.97. We'll see.

The fox and the hound. Cute, right? If these had been popular when I was little, I know I would've been crazy about this stuff!

I've got lots more LPS to post, but most of the others are going to go in lots. I'll try to get more pics of my clothes purchases up tomorrow.

Not much other eBay news to report. This has been my slowest sales week EVER (true) and Paypal is still holding my payments. So, yuck to all that. Maybe this week will be better! Hope you all had a good yard sale Saturday too!


  1. What is your "buy" price for LPS? I see them often at yard sales, but I have two boys so I'm pretty clueless when it comes to girl toys.

  2. I paid $15 for the case and everything in it which was 40 pets. I was afraid I had overpaid but the case itself sold for $21.99 Sunday. i've usually paid $1.00 for a baggie full though.