Sunday, August 7, 2011

Slowwww daaayyy...

Holy cow. I sure am feeling the hurt of the summer slump. I have watchers on about 90% of everything I have listed. How many bids?

I think my biggest problem is that I take all of this too personally. I get a little offended when people don't seem to want the SUPER AWESOME GREAT EUC NWT WHATEVER stuff I have up. I mean I totaled up my profit from last week and it was $144. That is certainly something to be happy about! Especially considering only about half of my stuff sold and I took a loss on some dumb charms I bought at an antique market.

All of this money is going into Adelaide's daycare account. I made a huge mistake when she was born and signed her up for my health insurance without looking at Tyler's rates, too. Let me just say, my insurance each month went from $19.00 to $426.00! One thing that kills me is, it's a fixed rate. I'm paying the same amount for health insurance for one child that Michelle Duggar would for her crew.

Needless to say, until open enrollment for Tyler's health insurance opens in January, this extra income is going to help us send Addy to a great daycare and not feel the financial hurt so bad. So, any profit is certainly welcome!

Tyler's doing great with the stuff he found in his dad's garage. I think he just sold an old (but working) Atari system and games for $51.00!

We'll have to see how the rest of my week goes (is it bad I kind of want to beat Tyler in sales?).


  1. It has been a slow last few weeks. But, as long as I'm turning at least a small profit and can see it I try to stay postive. Hopefully it'll pick up again real soon!

  2. Where do you find that Selling Totals section on Ebay? I think I saw a picture of it on your blog before, and I tried to look for mine after I posted some items (my first!) last night. Can't find it.

  3. If you go to My eBay at the top and then click "Selling", it's on the left side of the selling screen, towards the middle of the page.